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Pályamű a Fairy Tales narratívapályázatra
Boronkay Gáborral és Kovács Zsolt Kristóffal közösen elkészített pályamű

A társadalmi elidegenedés sociológiai problémáit és az emberiségre váró jövőképet egy öt képből álló képsorozat és egy ehez tartozó rövid novella segítségével körüljáró pályamű, melynek központi elemei a virtuális világ, és az influencer jelenség térhódítása, egy olyan világban amelyben rohamosan romlik az életkörnyezet minősége.
Egy elképzelt jövőkép, melyben az építészet megszűnik, és az épület mint olyan, egy a szocializációt megtestesítő örökmozgó gépként él tovább.  

From Babel to Babels
She closed her eyes and everything was gone.
It was pitch-black; she only felt the air grabbing her hair.
As time went by, it got harder and harder to breath. It was hot, wet, and the smell didn't help either.
The noises got louder and louder every second, till at one point everything got still for a moment.
She felt a bump.
Her pillow was soaking wet as she woke up. It was dark in the condo, the only light came from her goggles lying on the side of her bed. She reached out to them and immediately started looking over her newsfeed. Her news envisioning sphere was neatly organized.  On her left, her social media activity was presented on a perfect increscent graph, which nearly reached the top of the display space. She just glanced at it; she assumed it was going as planned.  On her right, the incoming raw material was grouped by mood clusters. She asked the system to reload the feed. The happy news reloaded quickly, and as the sad news reloaded she was already deep in the happy cluster. These were the ones she needed.
If today she can find a lovely story, she can make the breakthrough that she was working for, the system would make her a new dweller of the surface, where people got to live the life everyone in the system were only dreaming about.
Sunlight, wind that brings fresh air, rain that washes away the dust, and most important space to live free, space to create real things and space to meet others in real life.  
People on the surface were the source of the raw news. They lived their life on the surface the system made everything on fully automated plants and in factories where no people were needed anymore. This was the only way mankind could cope with the overpopulation. People invented the system as a way to manage space for living and producing goods for people. They needed a solution that makes space for everyone and distributes sources without any major space loss, so they built a matrix of condos with huge wells for the infrastructure.
As the conditions on the lower levels were not even close to the Surface, or the top stories they needed to make a classification. The process is based on the biggest and most spread information source available, the social media network, people were building since ca2000.
People who had the most influence in it were the ones who got the royalty of living on the Surface. They broadcasted their lives to the lower levels and the people down there got a virtual second reality to make their lives easier.
If someone gains attention and influence, the system automatically raises them up a level, and for some very talented networkers, one day this means the surface.
She only knew about the Surface from the content she managed and the ads she saw through her life. She never experienced things like direct sunlight, or rain.  She was born somewhere in the middle sections about 500 years after people moved in the system. She was very talented in networking, so she climbed the stories fast. Today she is 21 and she is on the second level, just below the Surface. This is the reason why finding the perfect combination of raw news is so important. If her post spreads well, she will gain the points she was lacking.
Fortunately the Surface had a great last night, so it was easy to find matching news to combine and form them into a great post. As she hit upload a strange anticipation overwhelmed on her. It was the first time she had time to think about her future. Till this point she just read the news, posted and went to sleep every day, but now that her life as that seemed to be over, the feelings and the doubts hit her hard.
Will she be good enough to create the content instead of composing them together, will she be good enough to fit in? How will she get friends? She has never ever even seen a real human being, and tomorrow she has to impress them. What will happen if she fails? She never knew what happened to the people on the Surface if they were not fitting in well enough. This scared her a little bit. If in the past she read raw news about somebody making bad moves, and losing many points, they all disappeared, but it was never clear what happened to them. Nobody seemed to know in the world below the Surface.  
As she was wondering about her future, time went by. She had a doubt whether the post she made this morning is strong enough. Maybe she should make some more. As she reloaded the feed again, everything got white around her.
It’s over.
She made it.
The points reached the mark, so the next day she will be waking up on the Surface. She was never so excited before, but the change scared her too. These thoughts and feelings made her really tired, so she fell asleep immediately after taking her goggles off and laying them down as she used to.
Twittering was heard; a light breeze moved the curtains before the slightly opened window. The sun was shining in as the wind moved the curtains when she woke up. She reached to her goggles the way she used to without even opening her eyes, but they weren’t there. As she opened her eyes to look after her goggles, the lights blinded her. She ran to the window and grabbed the curtains. Before opening them, she just took a deep breath to calm herself down. It was better than she ever imagined.
As she opened the curtains, a lively city revealed itself for her.
She ran to the door, but she stopped before stepping out. It felt strange. She never left her condo before. She took a step slowly to the streets. As she looked up, the buildings towered over her. Even the trees seemed much bigger than what she expected. As she started walking down the street, she saw people talking to each other, smiling, laughing and changing ideas. Everyone was happy the whole situation seemed heavenly. As she walked by a small group of people, she felt their eyes on her neck. She sped up her steps, but this feeling stayed with her. Every time she saw someone else, the only thing she could think about was what the others really thought about her. She felt unsafe without the writing practices she mastered down in her previous life.
She walked through a park, but she was too scared to look around. As she was walking bowed headed she bumped into somebody. This made her even more anxious.  The only thing she wanted was a quiet place without people. She took a quick look around and saw a seemingly empty space.
She was running towards the space with her last strength, hoping that she will find tranquility there. As she came closer she realized, that it was a well where thousands of pipes were sneaking down into the system. She heard about them before but it was forbidden to post pictures of these, so she never saw one. As she ran towards more and more eyes pointed at her. Some people were running after her, and calling her to stop, some others were laughing at her, some others were looking away not to see her.
As she reached the edge, everything quieted.
She closed her eyes and took another step. 
Everything was gone.
It was pitch-black; she only felt the air grabbing her hair.
As time went by, it got harder and harder to breath. It was hot, wet, and the smell didn't help either.
The noises got louder and louder every second, till at one point everything got still for a moment.
She felt a bump on the wet floor.
It was over.

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